Dedication to the highest quality of customer service which is provided with warmth, friendliness, individual pride, integrity and team spirit whilst at the same time respecting the dignity of our customer and fellow employees and promoting equal opportunity for all, irrespective of background, tradition, race, gender or disability.




To provide a superior Training Service by:

  • Providing a stable working environment for our employees where learning and personal growth are encouraged,
  • Nurturing our employees with the same concern and respect that they are expected to share externally with all co-workers and customers, irrespective of their different backgrounds and traditions, in order to create an overall sense of belonging,
  • Promoting equal opportunity and the full development of the potential of all our employees,
  • Ensuring that the needs and expectations of our Customers are clearly understood,
  • Providing a service of the highest quality in the required time period,
  • Establishing a long term relationship with our Customers,
  • Being a responsible citizen of the Ekurhuleni community, striving to make a difference.

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