We the management of Tshumela Ya Vhudi confirm our personal commitment to the establishment, documentation, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of a quality management system whilst ensuring strict compliance to the contractual, legislated and regulatory requirements of the interested and affected parties.

We fully recognize the impact and opportunities that the adherence to quality principles affords us in supplying a quality service to our Customers, whilst maintaining and improving our business objectives and the economic results of the company.

The Management of Tshumela Ya Vhudi recognizes the need for an effective Quality Management System supported by the necessary system procedures and work instructions and will ensure that this Quality Management System is implemented, communicated and maintained by all personnel. Continual improvement of the system for the ongoing benefit of the Company and its Customers will be the continual focus of Management.




The company has the following primary company business objectives:

The provision of impartial and transparent inspection activities

Educating and training personnel on the meaning of impartiality, the risks to impartiality and how to manage them

The provision of timeous service at the agreed levels of quality while at the same time ensuring the highest standard of integrity,

Understanding the needs, requirements and expectations of our Customers in detail and measuring our performance against these,

Ensuring that the policy is understood and implemented at all levels within the organization.

Employing and maintaining the necessary technically competent and capable personnel in order to comply with regulatory and customer requirements,

Creating an environment in which all personnel are committed to complying with the requirements of the Quality Management System and continually improving its effectiveness

Motivating, educating and training personnel to assume personal ownership of the Quality Management System, and educating and training personnel on the implications of their actions on the system

The continual expansion of our customer base through the consistent and reliable provision of a Quality Service

Encouraging suppliers to continually improve their performance

The reduction of operational costs through the effective implementation of the Quality Management System

The continual identification, assessment and introduction of new and innovative methods, controls and technology to supplement our operations and services

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